Promising a sustainable future


Time research & innovation begins its journey to ensure a sustainable future for business and the community. We are a research and software development organisation with sites across the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. We've begun research in behavioural computer science, technology, health informatics, education, and community.


Our priority is to help businesses prepare and sustain the fifth industrial revolution. The future of the current digital age is to prioritise data-driven technology. Therefore, we will assess each company with our research for them to be ready and gradually transform them toward data-driven decision-making. We know it is not easy for some businesses and their employees to accept changes; therefore, we will create a pathway by replicating the existing system and not bringing many variations. Nevertheless, work closely with them to understand the significance and prepare them.  


We are also helping disadvantaged individuals in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh through research, training, and development activities. Currently, we are working on several research projects with the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh to understand the intangible heritage. Our research projects are World health aid: Wha (a telemedicine project), Tikar Boi (vaccination diary), E-commerce solution, DcoTrack (Data collection tools), EventsTri (Events listing and managing), and many more.

Our Work-Based Learning (WBL) programme is one of the flagship programmes that is specially designed for freshers, young enthusiasts and the workforce. Therefore, our developed model will not only train pupils with our experienced colleagues, but it will also provide supervised learning for the workforce to gain educational qualification. Furthermore, our next-generation telemedicine and health advice platform (Wha) is funded by the Future & Emerging Technologies Theme at the University of Portsmouth, the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the ICT ministry of Bangladesh iDEA project innovation fund. It will help people in the UK and Bangladesh triage and understand the severity of the disease/condition.


Our unique focus on upcoming projects is to take care of the environment and deprive people in the society who is discriminated against for their sexual orientations, beliefs and disabilities. Our research will point out the gaps, and we will draw a strategic plan to resolve those. We know it is a collective responsibility and can not do it alone. Therefore, we will create a support bubble with our partners and collaborators to strike together.


Therefore, at the heart of our solutions, we will combine modern technologies, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to understand and resolve problems.